WWE 2K19 Review


*First time playing and reviewing a WWE, so bear with me.

WWE is probably one of the most watched forms of entertainment. Since it started back 1952 (yeah, really long time ago), It has been watched by millions around the world, screaming and cheering their favourite wrestlers while duking it out in the famous Square Ring. WWE 2K19 is not an anniversary of WWE, it is a tribute of sorts. Let us check what this latest title in the series is all about.


WWE games has always given you the opportunity to create and customize a wrestler for you to take through a career from small time wrestling up to the big leagues. At first your options for customization is limited, but the tools for fine tuning your fighter is really expansive. You can sculpt your fighter just the way you want from facial features to body detail, it’s all here.

From there you have clothing, tattoos, entrance and moves-set options that are at first generic at best, but more can be unlocked as you progress your career. After you are all set, you enter the world of WWE with dramatic acting that the shows are known for. Everything is well played out with voice acting spot on to the point where you would think you are watching the show on TV. You will be met with some plot twists and see characters change throughout the story, and with added cut scenes, make for some enjoyable entertainment.

As you progress, you have a skill tree to increase your overall stats. At first they don’t seem to change much at all during a match, but as you further your career, these stats will make a huge difference.

Still can’t figure out why 2K didn’t include a super star here.


The standard Play Mode is what it is. You get to choose which wrestler you want to fight as, who your opponent will be, which ring and that’s it. You go in and have some good old fun. The mode supports 6 player local multiplayer, so perfect for getting the friends together and creating some memorable matches. You can also download custom characters to then be used in Play Mode. Ever wanted to see Deadpool take on Captain America? Well now you can.

WWE Universe is where you are in charge. Here you will be setting up matches and creating storylines. Remember how you use to play with your WWE Action Figures coming up with crazy matches? Neither do I, but I can now imagine how it was with this mode.

The latest mode to the game is Towers. Coming in two flavours of Gauntlet and Steps. Gauntlet is basically survivor, where you take on fighter after fighter. Once you out, you are out and have to start all over again. Steps is a lot more forgiving with one match at time to climb the Tower. In both you will take on a varied selection of wrestles from the entire WWE roster, all while completing goals from some of the towers. Match types in Towers mode is also varied, from Cage Matches, Table or Fall Count Anywhere.

2K Towers puts you against WWE Superstars through different themed Towers. These themes are in short an homage to a specific match type or just to showcase the roster at hand

Legends Lore is for the WWE Legends is where iconic WWE Superstar matches have highlighted their accomplished careers. This mode is for 2K Towers only.

Our cover WWE Superstar, AJ Styles, gets his very own Tower, and be warned, this is one tough nut to crack. The increased difficulty and no health regeneration, this Tower will likely break you before you break it.

Showcase is a rather fun and entertaining mode. Daniel Bryan tells you his story of his colourful career as a rising Superstar. This is done really well as you feel like you are being given a personal tour by the man himself.

The controls in general takes some time to get used to as timing is key and just smashing the buttons will do you more harm than good, more like no good at all. There is a lot to learn in terms of submissions, high-flying jumps, Table and Ladder matches, but getting that move right is just so sweet.

Soundtrack is mixed from Rock to Hip-Hop, but all styled towards the atmosphere that is WWE. Ring side commentary at times does get repetitive, but when focused on your opponent, you hardly notice.

Graphics wise the game looks good, don’t expect super realistic visuals, but still good.


To be honest, this is the most amount of time I have spent with a WWE title, but it is a really fun game. The amount of options that is on hand for you to dabble with is impressive. Think Pimp My Ride meets Forza but with wrestlers.

Even with the presence of loot boxes that can be purchased with ingame currency, this barely distracts you from the experience.


WWE 2K19 is worthy of your attention and time. The customizability lets you be super creative, the variety will keep you keep you busy for ages, and with a total roster (DLC Included) of 252 fighters, it is any WWE fan’s dream. They truly have gone out of their way with this one.

Score: 8/10

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