A day at Maverick Gaming

What Was It All About?

Me and a bunch of friends headed to the Maverick Gaming center in Rivonia on the 5th of January 2019, what a way to start the new year, and took part in the Halo 5 tournament hosted by Halo South Africa with our host Nico Nel aka Nicmeister.


The day was a very chilled day, the type I usually like, played Halo and took in every ounce of awesome that Maverick Gaming has to offer.


Your view as you come in


At every gaming seat is a gaming monitor, electrical plugs and an ethernet port


In my excitement I forgot to take a photo of the outside as you approach the center, but trust me when I say You Cannot Miss it. Upon entering it was an overwhelming sense of high tech everything. Desktop and laptop, all of gaming prestige was on display.

I need this tower for my PC


Gaming in style

Maverick Gaming also creates this atmosphere that feels like “I am home”, or at the least you want to make it your home. With a 600mb fiber line, and plans to upgrade are in the pipelines. With space to easily accommodate 100 gamers, I believe a fiber line is in order for some serious LAN events.


This desktop looks out of this world


For the racers, here are your weapons of choice


As you can see, even two racing seat setups. There is something for everyone. With a menu to order food from, you are never too far away from getting a snack to keep the energy levels high as you and your squad take on the apposing teams.


Behold the awesomeness


The LAN area is downstairs, so what is upstairs you ask? Besides this view of the LAN Area below, here is what is upstairs for those looking for a more, casual time.


You are greeted with this view as you come up the stairs


Yes, those are all Xbox One X’s


The Razer booths look pretty cool and well equipped


Basically upstairs is the chilling area. This is where you can just socialize with other gamers while chilling on super comfortable bean bags. But if you feel like just playing something on either the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro kiosk, go right ahead, fun is all this place knows.


What is a gaming center without a retail outlet supplying nothing but the best?


Yes, there is even a retail section, stocking everything and more that you would you find at any Matrix Warehouse store. From Gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, PC parts, and everything inbetween, Maverick Gaming is the place to be you want one of the best gaming experiences around. With an E-Sports booth and shoutcasting desk, I can see a lot more competitive gaming in the near future.


They have the right idea


Maverick Gaming is the first of its kind and they went all out, and it is exciting times we are in now. Gamers are now finally getting a space to call our own. Blistering fast internet, spacious gaming areas, cool tech to try out and open all year round, Maverick Gaming is the place to be.

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