Thinking like an assassin has never really just wandered into my mind, well right until I started to play Hitman 2 that is.

The game makes you think of all possible methods of getting to your target, execute and disappear.

Let’s have a look at what Hitman 2 has to offer.

An eery yet isolated beach house


At first glance the game does look similar to the previous entry, and rightfully so, it looks exactly like the previous entry, but with minor changes.

The graphics is slightly enhanced in some areas, most notably is that mirrors now actually work. So extra care when sneaking around.

The maps are generally large, giving you many ways to get the job done. You can say the levels are a sandbox of sorts, as you have to take your time and explore the environment, that may also give clues as to which method can be used. In way it plays like a puzzle game, finding the right pieces to reach your objective.

Because of the size and sandbox style of the game, it warrants several play-throughs to take on the challenges each level presents, from finding items to taking out your target a certain way, each completed challenge rewards you with XP to unlock perks for the level. These perks are important when tackling the game on Master difficulty.

The amount of NPC’s on screen is impressive


Interesting location


The game still rewards you the most for staying true to the assassin nature of not being seen at all. Even when spotted, you have but a small window of opportunity to take action. This goes the same for the rest of the game when reaching for the target, and if missed they are gone. Rather a nice touch, it make the world around you feel alive. For example, the Miami mission with the race track, if taken too long, they will announce the race is ending soon, which then in turn changes up your approach.

The story of Agent 47 and Diana, 47’s Handler, is told through lightly animated story boards. They look nice and tells the story of Agent 47’s involvement, while also hunting down the real target.


Ghost Mode is unique. You are playing against an opponent still, but in a separate reality. In your pursuit to the randomly selected targets, you can subtly interact with your opponent’s side of the game, like distracting guards with a coin. Reason I said pursuit is due to the time limit you get if your opponent took out their target first. This type of tension might force you to get very creative very quick. The concept of Ghost Mode is refreshing, especially for those who want to challenge their friends and fellow gamers.

The hustle and bustle of Mumbai


Weird place for a wind farm

Sniper Assassin I would have to say is very fun. Kept the basics to focus purely on the shooting. You are tasked at taking out a set of targets without raising the alarm, but even if you do, you can still take out the targets, but do so before they run to safety. This mode also has equipment you can unlock to aid in your mission. For now, there is only one mission, but more will come.

Contracts is where you can setup your own missions. Fairly simple to grasp. You play the level marking targets, then executing them with the method you intend to set. A decent amount of options and settings to play around with.


A creepy literally just placed on top of a rock


Hitman 2 delivers the classic silent assassin stealth gameplay we have loved from the beginning. With a huge replay value, it is a game that will entertain you for a quite a while. With the entire game available to you instead of episodes like the previous game, it feels more complete. While it doesn’t offer anything new, it does offer the same enhancements of Hitman 2 for the previous game if you own it.

All in all, it is a decent title worth exploring.

Rating: 7/10

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