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Borderlands blessed our eyeballs with its cel-shaded visuals all the way back in 2009. However, I jumped on a bit later in 2010 with the Game of the Year Edition. I knew the game was great, I love the cel-shaded graphics but for some reason, I just didn’t pick it up until it was given as a Christmas gift.

Save to say, I fell in love with the game and levelled up my Soldier to the max.

Then came2012 and Borderlands 2 flew through the door like a bat out of hell. It was a massive overhaul from the previous game in almost every single way.

But why has a game from 2012 been so improved upon up and kept alive until 2019?

Because it is just a really damn good game and is pure eye-candy.


As the question states, what is there to review?

Well, not a lot really, it is still the same game bundled with all the DLC packs and goodies from 2015, is just visually upgraded for 4K displays to make all its bright colours shine like you are on a sugar high from an M&M overdose.

Borderlands 2 is the story of the Vault Hunters seeking the mystical treasure, all while the Hyperion Corporation is doing the same, and trying to kill said Vault Hunters…with a lot of guns…and robots…robots with guns. Compared to the first game, Borderlands 2 also expands vastly more with its DLC packs with extra missions, extra custom heads and skins, but cannot really say guns as the base game already has a Bazillion guns!

Seeing as Borderlands 3 is inbound, what better way to celebrate with a free piece of DLC that ties the story together.

Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary adds a bunch of new stuff, story missions to the already mad journey, locations to ogle at, enemies that need help with their Swiss Cheese Cosplay, and something for the weapon collectors, Effervescent* weapon rarity.

The game is still best enjoyed as a 4 player looter shooter, either Split Screen on the sofa or online while on the sofa.

Look guys! Vaughn is here 😀
Hi Ellie 😀


The main attraction is the latest DLC for Borderlands 2, sorry Pre Sequel, kicking up dust again in an attempt to fight back the enemy.

Length-wise, it’s just a rather long story mission with objectives in between the start and end of it all.

Starts with the new bad guy, Colonel Hector, turning Pandora into a gardener’s nightmare, or dream, changing up the landscape and the game somewhat. Enemies look like a Bonsai tree on steroids and are out to kick someone’s (you) teeth in. Luckily for you, you have a whole arsenal of weed-whackers to show why unruly shrubs will be dealt with swiftly.

Commander Lilith and fight for Sanctuary finishes off Borderlands 2 with a bang, and ready’s the crowds for Borderlands 3


Moxxi, 6 pack on my tab, please.

Borderlands The Handsome Collection is the full package and then some. Borderlands 2 alone with all its DLC is worth it. Again, sorry Pre Sequel, I honestly didn’t enjoy you.

The game is still very much worthy to be in any collection and deserves to be your go-to sofa co-op shooter if you want a barrel of laughs.

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