FIFA 20 is out and is ready to go live with your favourite teams from around the world.

Delve deeper into FIFA 20 with Sean Burgess’, aka Darkist1, review and see what FIFA 20 entails, from Leagues to losses, the road to Championship.



Over the years, FIFA has become more than just a game that gets released yearly. It’s become a community, a culture and a way for players to get together and play as their favourite soccer players or clubs around the world.

This year, there’s an additional game mode that’s been much anticipated, Volta Football.
when you first load into FIFA 20, you jump straight into a Volta football match, giving you a first-hand experience of what street football can be like.

EA Sports has put in a lot of effort and thought when adding in this highly addictive street soccer mode. The Volta Football mode gives you a lot of customization options when you start it up, allowing you to customize your star character who you’ll be taking on in the career and story with the Volta football team you join, to gain a reputation as a star player.

Being able to customize your avatar’s gender, build, nationality, facial features and clothing give your Volta football experience a more personal touch. There are items that you will earn as you progress through the story of a newbie street soccer player joining an up and coming team like; Goal reaction emotes, Clothing, training shoes and tattoos.

It does seem like EA Sports has put a lot of attention into the Volta portion of the game, which is evident with the number of items you can earn, the customization, and the story to go with it. Each stage having a unique looking field as you progress through the story mode, this new mode, however, comes at the expense of the traditional FIFA Simulator modes, which doesn’t seem to have received the same amount of attention.


FIFA 20 is most definitely a visually appealing game, the graphical detail that has gone into the design of the game is far beyond its previous versions. The graphics are realistic enough for you to identify the players, the stadiums and fields. Perhaps with the new consoles coming out soon, there will be an overhaul graphically for future FIFA’s, but so far, FIFA 20 is still incredibly vibrant and appealing. 

A manager creation tool has been introduced into FIFA 20, where In previous versions you could only choose from a set number of faces or default faces when playing as the manager in career mode, you’re now able to fine-tune your managers appearance by changing their facial features all the way to the apparel they  to wear on the sidelines.


EA Sports has done an outstanding job with FIFA 20 by creating a unique experience that will immerse you right into that street soccer feel. Even though Volta is in FIFA 20, the feel of this mode will make you feel like you’re involved in a completely different game altogether.

Volta will take you out of the stadiums and massive playing fields, to small street style venues with graffiti on the walls, and street art all over the walls in the background while you take on teams from around the world.

Progressing through the story mode in Volta will allow you to unlock players to recruit to your team to help you on your way to being a top street football team in the world.

The Volta Tour allows you to take part in the story mode, which is fun for a one-time playthrough, building your player, the team, unlocking the apparel as you progress. Very similar to the mode in FIFA 17 through to 19. The tour also contains a Volta League and Volta Tour. The League allows you to play against other players and squads online. Winning matches will earn you points to be promoted through the divisions.  The Volta Tour section allows you to play in a selection of tournaments all around the world to earn some Volta coins to spend in the shop to dress your star player up.

The gameplay feel of Volta is very much of an arcade feel, still keeping the FIFA feel to the game, but still somehow feeling like it could be on its own. The Volta mode apart from being able to play against other players and squads in the League section, you’re able to have other players join as a sofa party session with multiple controllers on the console. Control the whole team in the matches, or control just your star player. You’re able to see the members of your current squad in the Squad Management section as you’re getting ready to partake in a tournament match so you can determine their strengths and weaknesses so you can build a strategy or plan your playstyle during the next match.

Volta seems like the main attraction this year in FIFA 20, but there are still the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mode, which allows you to build the team you feel will be the strongest, and then take part in Squad Building Challenges, challenge the AI which at times appear to have slightly boosted stats causing them to win or make the matches somewhat overly difficult, especially on the Ultimate difficulty setting. If you’re looking for a more exciting challenge with your personally customized squad, take on other human opponents and see how your squad fairs. The in-game player abilities still seem a lot better than what the player really is, which causes judging the gameplay a bit more challenging, but the overall feel of the player control feels a bit more responsive and fluid compared to previous versions of FIFA.

The career mode will keep you entertained for a while, allowing you to choose to either run as the manager career or the player career. The player career allows you to create your very own professional, or choose a real player in the game from a large variety of players. Of course, the manager career allows you to suit up your avatar in a fancy suit, and a number of customization options similar to that of the Volta menus. You’re then able to choose a team you’d like to manage. Yes, there are some local South African teams such as the Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates to choose from.


For those that prefer to play with or against friends, there are a number of online options for you to choose from. The main online menu features 5 tabs at the moment, including Season, Pro Clubs, Co-op Seasons, Online Friendlies and FIFA 20 on Twitch.

Seasons allows you to play Head-to-head against other players to gain points on the leader boards, or you can run a co-op season with a friend and progress together.

The Pro Clubs allows you to create or join a club with friends and play online in some 11 vs 11 matches online giving you control of a single player and going against other humans.

The online friendlies will allow you to start a new session against a friend and have a friendly season to get some practice in before you take on those other opponents in the tournaments and cups.

The twitch icon on Xbox will load your twitch application up and show you the FIFA 20 segment on twitch and how many viewers are currently watching the game as its being streamed. Which at the time of this review had over 108,000 viewer’s


The gameplay and feel of FIFA 20 is an improvement over previous FIFA releases, and the team at EA have done an exceptional job at improving the overall feel of FIFA, and the new mode is a very welcome change of pace.

There are some bugs that will most likely be fixed with a few updates and patches but are not game-breaking.

My personal request would be to see a Volta online multiplayer mode come to the game sooner rather than later.

If you’re a FIFA fan, this is a must pick up, and even if you’re not the biggest of fans, get your hands on a controller and try out that Volta mode.


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