Call of Duty reinvented itself when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released. Being met with critical acclaim, the world went nuts for Call of Duty, enough so that Modern Warfare became its own entity of sorts.

Now, Modern Warfare returns in a fresh reboot of the series, reinventing itself to bring a new type of experience.

Let us jump in head first, unlike half my multiplayer strategy, and see what is beating under the hood.


First thing I noticed about Modern Warfare while hoping not to sound like literally every other person on earth, the graphics is a huge step up from what has been done before. Call of Duty WW2 was close but not in all areas, Modern Warfare is all over.

How light reacts is just pure art.

The opening sets the character of the game perfectly of what we are going to go through. A tone of holding nothing back to get its point across and not afraid to take risky steps. The majority plays off in the fictional country of Urzikstan, where the Russians invaded, someone stole a toxic gas shipment and it seems everything is held at gunpoint trying to save the situation.

You will play a few key figures, Sgt Kyle Garrick and CIA Agent Alex, but sadly never as Captain John Price. I would say for the best as I would be killing his legendary status even before tripping over my first downed tango. Captain Price steals the attention when on-screen, cut scene or in-game, cool and collected. A rather stark contrast of the chaos going on around you most of the time.

“Captain Britain? Never heard of her” – Cpt. Price

Modern Warfare is grittier than grit 10 sandpaper on a belt sander. When things go south, and they always do in Call of Duty fashion, this is where it shines…mainly because of muzzle-flashes as allies and enemies get torn to pieces by the bullets and grenades. It almost gives you a sense of just how much one can do in the midst of a firefight.

Half the time there is this real dark undertone, like you expecting something to happen at any moment, and the other half consists of a slower-paced tactical-like movement, due to bullets doing what they do best, ventilate your skull. So now that you and the enemy share this common ground of being equally soft and squishy lunch-meat, more precaution is advised. Modern Warfare is a very true representation of just how ugly warfare and conflict is.

Sgt Garrick after an intense gun battle.

The story is told really well with the help of some of the best facial animation and voice acting seen in a Call of Duty title. Cut scenes are rendered to almost realistic levels, while in-game don’t exactly share the same level of fidelity, it is still very much impressive.


The guns handle more or less what I would expect from a fully automatic firearm. Not a single sign of arcade-like feel to guns that makes you look like that Hollywood action hero. In Modern Warfare the guns kick and they kickback. Shot impacts feel more damaging, as they should ironically, making you take caution before you just fly into a room full of men eagerly to introduce you to their freshly loaded little copper friends.

Kilo 141 is your best friend.

The recoil is the first thing you will need to wrestle as this is not just straight old COD recoil, oh no, it is 2019 and Modern Warfare busted into the room, pulling the covers off your half-asleep corpse and throws a bucket of ice water on you. Actually maybe not that hectic, but it is enough to give the look and feel it was set out to be.

Some weapon upgrades can be found in the environment, scopes or suppressors, which generally help with your tackling of the mission.


From a glance, it looks like Modern Warfare has a lot of special tricks and toys to show you, but Soon realizing that both the campaign and multiplayer is being kept as traditional as can be. It should have hit me during the first 5 minutes that something wasn’t shown off, but I was too engrossed, enjoying the raw action unfolding before me, it was all back to basics, and it is the best decision made for it.

As stated, the campaign and multiplayer is kept traditional. For the single-player, it means you are never doing the same thing for long. From marking targets to piloting a remote control drone with enough C4 to ruin even the best of picnics, it changes up the scenarios keeping the gameplay fresh. A complete absence of collectables is new but again good.

I personally don’t mind collectables, gives you a reason to go back, but I understand how it can distract you from the overall gameplay, but sometimes these collectables provide exposition, but here it’s What You See Is What You Get.

For multiplayer its nothing too fancy. Standard Custom Class options with gun customization, Solo bot matches and choosing the look of your online soldier.

That’s right boys and girls, that is it. No clutter and fiddling with endless layers of menus, just straight to the point. After doing a few rounds, I find the new style with online play quite fun and addictive.

NVG matches are quite exciting

At the time of writing, the game mode Realism was active but was replaced with NVG, Realism with Night Vision Goggles. Whether this is going to be a regular changeup, but so far anything Realism related has my vote. Current there is only 4 Night Maps.

Ground War seeing the biggest change up with the addition of vehicles. Tanks, Helicopters and ATV’s, this makes Ground War all that more fun as there is now 64 player Ground War. Most of my time is spent here as shooting helicopters down with the tanks is stupid fun.

Another change-up is Gunfight, pitting 2 teams of 2 players with identical loadouts, so most is all down to some amount of dumb luck and overly twitchy aiming skill. After every 2 rounds, the loadouts change.

Special Ops sees you and 3 friends or randoms taking on missions that are kind of linked to the main story. It is unclear what you should be doing and is painfully difficult.

Again, at the time of writing Kill Confirm is available and still the game mode you love from before. For those who don’t know it, you basically have to collect the dropped dog tags of your enemy for the kill to count and collect dog tags of downed friendlies to deny the kill for the enemy team.

Offline Splitscreen with Bot setup is present for those who just want to relax with an online like experience.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare grabbed my attention and is now holding it hostage. The single-player delivered an exciting story with decent plot twists and action set pieces, but it is also the shortest. Even though Call of Duty is known for catering towards the multiplayer segment the most, the story carries merit worthy of the name, and I cannot wait to see what will follow.

Multiplayer I can see myself returning to regularly, not to grind for the next rank or next weapon or whatever, it is all about the game.

The Modern Warfare series has been longing for a revival, and it got just that.

Rating 9/10

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